About Gene

District Native

I’m proud of my Kansas roots, but most especially that I was born and raised in the 27th Senate District. This area has always been my home and it’s where my wife and I chose to bring up our four children. My Jeffersonian principles were shaped by the men and women of the 27th and it’s an honor to the have the opportunity to work for each of you in Topeka.


Job Creator

The fourth of thirteen children, I learned early on how to negotiate and work with others. These attributes enabled me to grow my small food service business into a five state enterprise, creating the development of hundreds of jobs. Moreover, I’ve been able to fight for the elimination of burdensome government regulations that stifled job creation and prevented business development. My commitment to growing the Kansas economy remains my highest priority and is what inspires me to seek the office of Kansas Senator.


Trusted, Conservative Leader

I’m proud of my accomplishments in the Kansas House of Representatives as I was able to reduce the tax burden for all Kansans, reform the Kansas welfare system, cap property tax increases, and pass necessary gun rights legislation. As your Senator, I can do more for Kansas. I’m committed to the cause and ready to do the work. 


District 27

District 27 includes Sedgwick County - Click on the map to see a closer view.