On the Issues

100% Pro Life

Gene is a tireless defender of the unborn and will work to ensure zero taxpayer dollars fund abortion in Kansas. In fact, Gene is the only candidate in District 27 endorsed by Kansans for Life. 

Reduce Spending

There are over $2 billion in efficiencies that Gene fully supports implementing which will make government spending accountable.

End Corporate Welfare

Government should promote a level playing field and not be picking winners and losers.

Preserve Parental Rights

Gene has led the efforts to pass Simon’s law in the House. If passed, Doctors would never be able to withhold life-saving care without parental consent.

Strengthen Education


Education opportunities shouldn’t be determined by zip codes. Gene will support efforts to strengthen school choice and empower parents so every child has a chance to succeed. We have to educate children for the ever-changing 21st century jobs. We can do this by investing in programs that are hands-on and teach real world skills. Our education dollars should be tied to children, not buildings and zip codes. The educators and institutions that achieve the greatest outcomes will be rewarded by the public, not government. 

IMG_9704e-sm.jpg "As a public school teacher, I know my father will make the right decision for the children of Kansas. I know he believes every child deserves a world class education and he is working to move education in the right direction."